Live Projects - Martha J. & Francesco Chebat

The songs Martha J. and Francesco Chebat present in their live concerts is mostly taken from the CDs releasend from 2008 to present.
Their sound is influenced by jazz, funk and blues and the present original songs, along with jazz tunes and songs by artists such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Beatles, Sting…
Info on Francesco Chebat:

Acoustic Quartet  

Acoustic Trio  

Music and video coming soon! Stay tuned!

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat  


Progetti Live - Martha J. &  Enrico Galetta

Voice and bass, covers and originals. - Info on Enrico Galetta:

Progetti Live - Martha J. &  Giorgia Hannoush

Voice and guitar, covers and originals. Listen to Martha J. & Giorgia Hannoush on Soundcloud

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